random spikes in track 1 (multitrack)

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random spikes in track 1 (multitrack)

Post by M-at-Work »

<t>Hi Folks,<br/>
I experienced a problem with the mulitrtrackrecording. This problem was found using 2 different Yamaha TF1 desks and Nuendo live 1.1 (on same laptop). Track 1 shows some spikes in the waveform. These spikes are also audible and are not present in source. The spikes are random in time and only in track 1.<br/>
See attached screenshot.
Any thoughts about this?</t>
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Re: random spikes in track 1 (multitrack)

Post by Martin.Jirsak »

Hi and welcome,

Any synchronisation issue? Do you use any synchronisation?
Martin Jirsak
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