CC121 intergration

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CC121 intergration

Post by Wedoh »

I think the iC Pro app and the CC121 could have synergies together.

If you make it possible to see all available channels in a list, or mark a track by touching a fader in iC Pro. Then it would be quick and easy to choose a channel to control with the CC121. Instead of choosing a channel in Cubase with the mouse, choose a channel in iC Pro and control it with the CC121.

Also the user knobs and EQ could work together with the iC Pro app. You could forexample use the user knobs to control plugins using the iC Pro app in conjunction with the CC121. And see the built in EQ in the app, and see it change while knobs on the CC121 is turned.

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Re: CC121 intergration

Post by JJRockford »

Looking at how other companies, e.g. Presonus, do their apps makes IC Pro feel very limited...

However, I use Avids Control app, which do pretty much everything you wish IC Pro would do, and it works pretty well with Cubase. It only works with Cubase Pro since it need support for the eucon protocol. Presonus app is even better, but only works with Studio One :/

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Re: CC121 intergration

Post by mozizo »

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