General issues before buy IC Pro...

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General issues before buy IC Pro...

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Hi guys, I d like to set a controller to do automations in my mixer. In hard time like this I don t want to buy new stuff so I have an Ipad here that should help. SO I Found IC Pro . But I Have some doubts:

1) does the Ipad will only work as a controler with internet connection or can I use Ipad pluged into my Mac? Cause my Mac is close to my table and I won t need to move the Ipad around...

2) my desktop internet connection is through phisical cable (not wifi), so how do I keep the regular cable connection to navigate through browsers and at sametime use a wifi connection to reach Ipad and Cibase IC Pro? Can I have both connections running together?

3) is it possible to control any chosen FX send level assigned to Ipad controller to do automations on the fly? Is there an easy path to control any parameter in cubase through Ipads cubase IC ?

4) my Ipad is 10.3.3 would it work ?

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