My Pro 8 keeps freezing

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My Pro 8 keeps freezing

Post by gsmccar »

Just started a week or two ago. I'll be working and all will be fine -- until I get an error message (see attached) and everything freezes. So I close Cubase using my Taskmaster. If I reboot the computer, I can get Cubase working again -- for awhile, and then it freezes again.

eLicenser is mentioned in the error. When I go to eLicenser, it just give the window you see attached: "reading eLicences" and just hangs there. But if I open eLicenser after rebooting my computer, it'll open fine and shows all the licenses active.

Anyway, I'm stuck. Can't work. Really bummed. Any suggestions? I put in a support ticket to Steinberg, but haven't heard back. Maybe one of you can shed some light on the problem. Should I delete Cubase and reload? Will that cause any problem? Thanks.
This is what I get when I go to my eLicenser. But nothing happens.
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Cubase error.JPG
I'll be working and this will pop up, and everything freezes.
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Re: My Pro 8 keeps freezing

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


It seems USB-eLicenser is disconnected. Make sure, you are using USB 2.0 port, not USB 3. Make sure you have the latest eLCC application installed.

Maybe it's worth to buy a new USB-eLicenser and transfer the license. Might be, your USB-eLicenser is damaged.
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