Severe crash updating plugin information

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Severe crash updating plugin information

Post by Smedberg »

During updating plugin information a severe crash happened.
Major freeze.

Dump file will be sent...
i7 2600, 16 gb ram, w64, cubase 8,0

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Re: Severe crash updating plugin information

Post by mbr »

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Re: Severe crash updating plugin information

Post by Steinberg »


this may happen with a freshly installed new version when started.

Please close and restart Cubase a couple times and check if there are plug-ins listed in the Vst2xBlacklist Cubase.xml file in the Preferences.

If you don't experience the crash anymore, you might try to move or delete the blacklist file and relaunch Cubase.
If it crashes again, you'll know which plug-in(s) causes the crash. If not, something went wrong with the initial scan, nothing to worry about. I had the same happening with the first 2-3 launches (over 200 VSTs to scan), all has been solid since then.

If the problem persists, please proceed and send the dump.

[Edit: If you have a previous version installed, it makes sense to reset the preferences - you can import selected ones, like the key commands from the old version after you did]


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