Problems loading presets

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Problems loading presets

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I thought that presets made in Halion can be open in Halion Sonic, and also that presets made with Halion Sonic can be open in Halion.
It looks that's not the case. :roll: :cry:

For instance, I loaded a preset in HalionSonic and I edited it a little then I saved it. When I tried to load that preset in Halion i couldn't find it in the browser. After I copied the .vstpreset file from the Halion Sonic folder (located under User\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\) to the Halion folder, the preset appeared in the Halion browser and I could load it, but it sounded completely different compared to how it sounded in HalionSonic.

Then, I made a preset in Halion and I was hoping I could load it in HalionSonic, but unfortunately I couldn't. Not even after I copied the .vstpreset file from the Halion folder to the Halion Sonic folder. :roll:

Any thoughts?

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