SFZ Import?

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SFZ Import?

Post by roger-s. »


Considering, that SFZ is a freely available and popular format, I would like to see an option to import SFZ directly into HALion 6.
Anyone supporting the idea?

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Re: SFZ Import?

Post by maggie »

This feature request I made here already some time ago. I am absolutely for it.
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Re: SFZ Import?

Post by Brian Roland »


Even if it it's somewhat limited in supporting the opcodes for modulating the sounds, it'd be helpful to quickly get the sample mapping, tuning, levels, and loop points quickly and efficiently pulled in as HALion layers.

That's kind of how it handles my old Roland and AKAI sample disks. Doesn't do much with the modulation parameters, but at least it maps out the samples/looping/etc.

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