Can I use both Cubase AI and LE?

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Can I use both Cubase AI and LE?

Post by bluerobbo »

I am thinking of buying the Steinberg UR22C interface to use with my Windows 10 PC. I know it comes with Cubase AI and also Cubase LE, so I am hoping that I will be able to use AI with the PC and also use LE with my iPad, and work on the same projects with my iPad and Windows PC.
Is it possible to do that, or can I only register and authorise one of the programs free of charge?
In other words, will I have to chose between PC and iPad, or can I use both with the free software?
Thanks for your help.

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Re: Can I use both Cubase AI and LE?

Post by jaslan »

The iPad app is CUBASIS, which is technically separate from Cubase. I THINK (not positive) the UR comes with a CUBASE LE license and a CUBASIS LE license.

EDIT. I just checked and according to the product page, you should get CUBASE AI and CUBASIS LE included with the purchase.
So, you should be able to do what you described.
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