Running Cubase Artist 10.5 on High Sierra

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Running Cubase Artist 10.5 on High Sierra

Post by pfgpowell »

I successfully ran the free Cubase 10.5 lockdown download from Steinberg and ran it on my late 2009 MacBook running High Sierra. It worked a treat.
The licence has now run out and I want to buy Cubase Artist 10.5 - BUT on the website it says it will not run on High Sierra.

I’m baffled: the free download - though Elements not Artist - worked fine. So what’s going on? Will I be able to run Artist 10.5 on my High Sierra MacBook.

I have just been to see whether I can upgrade to Mojave, but I can’t on this elderly MacBook. So before I invest £270 in Artist, I want to be sure I can actually use it.

Any advice?

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Re: Running Cubase Artist 10.5 on High Sierra

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


Officially it's not supported. But when it was working with Cubase Elements already, the expectation is, it will work with Cubase Artist too.
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Re: Running Cubase Artist 10.5 on High Sierra

Post by pncarbo »

It runs poorly on Mojave as well.
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