Full ARA2 integration promised for Cubase 11 Pro?

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Full ARA2 integration promised for Cubase 11 Pro?

Post by Psalmster »

Has anyone heard anything official from Steinberg as to whether ARA2 will be fully supported by Cubase Pro v.11?
Any promises?

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Re: Full ARA2 integration promised for Cubase 11 Pro?

Post by Musicmould »

I really hope we don't have to wait for Cubase 11 to see ARA2 fully working.
It would feel a bit like blackmail having to pay for proper functionality.

In Nov 2018 ARA2 was one of the features used to promote and sell v10 but it was nowhere to be seen until way later and the functionally was extremely lacking to say the least. The paid upgrade 10.5 was released in Nov 2019 with a bunch of new features but ARA was STILL not properly implemented. Several maintenance updates have floated by since then but lately - nothing for ARA.

Are we seriously going to have to pay for another upgrade in Nov/Dec 2020 to see it completed?

How about NOT adding loads of new features before the old ones are working?
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