Cubasis Control

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Cubasis Control

Post by Dissonance »

My first post and something I’ve searched for but can’t kind find an answer for - any help appreciated. Two questions plus context:

Does IC Pro control latest version of Cubasis?
Does the Enttec lighting DMXIS plugin (initially used within Cubase Artist) still function within Cubasis and be controlled by IC Pro live?

Contex: I’m a solo act combining backing tracks with piano/vocal. I need to start playback before I go out on stage so I’m assuming (with the help of an iPhone, ic pro, Airport Express router and a laptop running Cubasis (so I don’t have to take the licenser dongle out on the road) that I could do this?

Please correct/advise me - thanks.

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Re: Cubasis Control

Post by Marshall »

Cubasis doesn’t run on a laptop, it’s an iPad app. So IC Pro does not control Cubasis.
It does control Cubase and Nuendo.
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