IC-Pro on iPad PRO NOT Compatible ?

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IC-Pro on iPad PRO NOT Compatible ?

Post by Ex-procman »

Hi, (iPAd PRO 12.9, Cubase Pro 10.5 Windows 10, Wifi network dedicated to the iPad)
It's impossible for me to enter the IP adress. 192.168.....
The numerics caracters on the virtual keyboard on the iPad Pro (12.9) don't correspond to the value. Clic 1 and it enters 3, clic 2, it enters 3... :shock:
Is IC-Pro not compatible with a 12.9'' iPad ????!!!

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Re: IC-Pro on iPad PRO NOT Compatible ?

Post by mkok »

It’s working for me.
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Re: IC-Pro on iPad PRO NOT Compatible ?

Post by Blip »

I have a similar problem with my smaller iPad – the App doesn't seem to recognize the iPad screen correctly.
Try turning the iPad upside down or divide the keyboard. When I'm using iC Pro and want to input button names, I have to turn the keyboard 1-2 times because it either doesn't recognize the right side (with backspace and enter) or the left side (first 3 letters on the keyboard).
Some keyboard settings might crash the App instantly when trying to input letters. In that case, just go to a different app and reset your keyboard there.
(I wish I was kidding)

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Re: IC-Pro on iPad PRO NOT Compatible ?

Post by GNP »

I got the same damn problem.

I think maybe it's to do with the iOS keyboard settings.....
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Re: IC-Pro on iPad PRO NOT Compatible ?

Post by jlandells »

Bizarrely, if you turn your iPad upside down, you'll find that more of the keyboard works!

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