UR44 multiple outputs

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UR44 multiple outputs

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Hi, Is it possible to have 4 separate tracks coming from Cubasis (iPad air). I would like to use my iPad + maybe an UR44 to send a stereo PlayBack track and 1 mono track with a clic for the drummer. the Mix would be done on my desktop Cubase 7.
Output 1&2: mix audio (façade) Output 3: clic for the drummer"s headphone.
Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: UR44 multiple outputs

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1st you Need a PC or Notebook for USB. With Cubase you can root any track to any out of the UR44. (Menu VST Connections in control room)
@ Metronom: I don´t know - but you could record the click to a track and root it to your Drummer..
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